PLEASE NOTE - eXperience Talent is no longer recruiting in the US. Please select the UK / EU link above to see active roles. Thank you.

Since 2007 I've have the pleasure of working with User Experience professionals from the four corners of the globe. One country really stands out as a cultural leader and opportunity magnet in the world of User Experience: the USA.

Over the past ten years I've filled positions in San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York, Florida, and a host of other locations across the States. One thing has always stood out - the professionalism AND the friendliness of the US UX community. This was one of the reasons I decided in 2012 to start eXperience Talent - to work more closely with my US network and help more folks find their dream UX role across the pond.

Despite having excellent relations with hiring managers and candidates alike there was one spanner in the works that I had not foreseen - my location drove my perceived value in the eyes of HR folks who didn't know me. No amount of reassurances or recommendations from my US network could allay the fears of HR that I would try to introduce UK or EU candidates for their US vacancies. This hurdle arose time and time again, even when companies reached out to me first.

Time efficiency is king in recruitment and over time I realised I wasn't going to be able to give the best service possible to my US network if my vacancy supply was so stop/start hot/cold. So it is with a heavy heart that I've decided to re-focus on the EU and Asia for the time being. This isn't to say this is good-bye forever, I hope one day to work again with the wonderful people I've met both electronically and in person in the US. Until then - ciao for now!

Sean Pook

P.S Normally it's rare for me to have visa sponsorship opportunities in Europe for Non-EU folks. But it just so happens I have roles in Berlin currently that would be perfect for US UXers. Click the UK & EU link at the top and head on to the job list.