Senior UX Designer | Complex Interaction Design | NYC

Job Description

Don your thinking caps for this one guys and gals. Our client is looking for a senior (or independent mid-level) UX designer not just used to working with complex data in an interactive environment, but relishes that kind of work.

Our client is based in Midtown New York city and boasts a house-hold recognizable list of clients. They specialize in...oh nearly gave the game away there...get in touch to learn more (or something) about what they do and what they're looking for. From your side, you'll need to have experience of designing for desktop software or interactive web applications and be able to showcase your UCD thinking and work in a suitable portfolio. You'll need to be independent as this is their first UX hire. However it's important to note that the CEO down to the most junior developer is onboard and enthusiastic about this hire. It's an exciting time to join this firm.

Keywords: UX Design, Interaction Design, New York City


Job Details

Salary range: $Depends on experience

Location: Midtown New York City

Company type: Corporate

Geographical ops: International

Expected start: Now - 2 months

Company size: 100+

UX team size: Just the beginning

Open to non US citizens: No

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